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What data is sent from the Arduino?

The Drupal module will generate code that allows you to post to any standard Drupal field attached to the content type (node bundle) that is chosen. In addition to these fields the following standard data are sent by default:

  • token: a string of characters used to identify the device to the Drupal site.
  • millis: the number of milliseconds the Arduino device has been running. In the future this will allow for automated time correction for devices without an attached RTC.
  • rtc: if the device has an attached real time clock (RTC) this will in future be used to return the time according to the device.
  • mac: the mac address of the device
  • localip: the local IP address of the device

Of course being an open source system you can change these as much as you want, just be aware that some of the functionality of the system may be reduced if you remove data that is sent by default.

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