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A list of Drupal projects I have created.

Drupal Altmetric

The module automatically adds a badge from Altmetric to Biblio nodes on a Drupal site.

Arduino (Drupal Module)

Project to post from an Arduino to a Drupal website, mainly for publishing data in real time collected from sensors attached to the Arduino.

Aims of the :

Biblio Autocomplete

The Drupal module provides functionality for auto-completion of fields in the Biblio node type using previosuly entered values and/or third party services (currently two external plugin modules are included: IPNI and ZooBank).

EXIF Custom

Drupal 7 module to automatically read and save image metadata (EXIF & IPTC) to an image file entity on upload. EXIF Custom on

Any number of custom mappings can be created to save any EXIF/IPTC metadata to any field associated with an image file entity (this is in contrast to the Exif module).

Dictionary Export

The module allows you to download a Microsoft Office compatible dictionary (*.dic) file for any vocabulary on your Drupal site.

A new local task (tab) is created for each vocabulary in the administration pages to download the dictionary file.

Additional support

Biblio Scholar

is a Drupal module that provides the metatags required by Google Scholar (see: Inclusion Guidlines) for indexing for any DrupalBiblio node.

Fugly (Drupal Theme)

Fugly is a Drupal 6 theme that I developed while learning about theming Drupal. It is the theme that is used on this site.

For more information see the Fugly website or download the Fugly Theme from Drupal.

ICZN Theme

Theme devolped for the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.

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