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GoPro Linux

Submitted by edwbaker on Mon, 2016-04-25 16:58

A project to allow a GoPro camera to be controlled from a machine running Linux. This project was originally conceived as a way to control a GoPro camera from a Raspberry Pi for biodiversity monitoring, but is generally compatible with most Linux systems.


Command Line
A deb file for Ubuntu/Debian is available via my apt repository, once the repository has been added to your software sources as per the link the gopro command line package can be installed using sudo apt-get install gopro. This is based on the GoProPHP library on GitHub. Please report any issues with the command line application at gopro-debian.


The applications require your GoPRo to have WiFi enabled, and your computer to be connected to the GoPro's wireless network. All control of the camera is performed over WiFi.

Usage of command line application

Camera commands are issued via the command line in the form gopro ACTION. A full list of supported actions is available.

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