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Arduino for Biologists

Submitted by edwbaker on Thu, 2014-05-29 12:47


Arduino for Biologists A book that I am editing and writing part of Pelagic Publishing as part of their series Data in the Wild. The book is a how-to guide for creating open hardware tools for biological science. Using Arduino it is possible to create cheap, customisable and re-purposable tools to aid in laboratory and field science. Starting with the basics of electronics and the Arduino platform the book then describes a number of exemplar projects, from basic use of sensors to the design and deployment of sensor networks. It also describes how data from sensor networks can be integrated with the existing infrastructures of biodiversity informatics. There's a longer description here: Arduino for Biologists (I'm writing a book).

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My parts of the book will be written in Scrivener. This is the only tool that really satisfies my writing style for larger and more complex bits of writing (scientific papers mainly). The main advantages for me are the ability to drag and drop sections around, include research documents easily and the fact it is available on both Mac and Linux (and less importantly for me, Windows). This is the only bit of paid-for software I consider to be essential.

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