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Submitted by edwbaker on Wed, 2014-05-28 22:07


eMonocot aims to create a global online resource for monocot plants. It will provide a focus for taxonomists working on monocots and will help people discover information about monocots by providing tools for identification, up-to-date checklists, descriptions and links to other resources.

eMonocot builds upon existing collaborations and projects within European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT) such as Palmweb and Scratchpads, in addition to CATE (including CATE-Araceae) and GrassBase – The online world grass flora.

When complete, eMonocot will:

  • Enable the identification of monocot plants anywhere in the world (monocots are 20% of all flowering plants)
  • Provide a wealth of information about monocot species, genera and families
  • Address separately the needs of different users, from professional taxonomists through ecologists and conservation biologists to gardeners and the interested public
  • Link together monocot taxonomists to enhance their productivity, particularly those working in smaller institutions without access to large collections and libraries
  • Provide a model for the web taxonomy of the rest of the plant kingdom and for animal groups


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