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Open Source Environmental Data Logger

Submitted by edwbaker on Thu, 2014-05-29 12:46

Open Source Environmental Data Logger in use at the Natural History Museum,London.


This project is part of the Open Source Data Loggers project.

Proprietary data loggers can be expensive - for example a three channel data logging system is available from Alphatemp for £465.00. Such costs make large scale deployment of such systems unfordable for all but well funded projects. This project aims to create an open source and open hardware data loggers making use of the widely avaialbale Arduino prototyping platform.


Peer-reviewed papers:


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Basic Specifications

  • Measurement of temperature
  • Measurement of humidity
  • Measurement of ambient light
  • Makes use of a real time clock
  • Record data to a microSD card
  • Send data to recording website over the internet

Source Code

The source code (for Arduino) of this project is available from GitHub (Arduino Enivronmental Data Logger on GitHub).


The results here are for battery life tests of the project as it develops.

Revision Mode Reading interval Battery Life
Initial Ethernet only 1 minute 00:06:36
Put Arduino to sleep between readings
Ethernet only 1 minute 00:08:34
5 minutes 00:10:51
Arduino MEGA " 10 minutes 00:07:20
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